Cuts & Scissoring


Following your pet’s natural curves ensures a clean & crisp appearance. Our experienced groomers hand scissor your pet to achieve this straightforward and traditional look. This cut includes our bathing treatment.
Starting at $30
Suggested Pairing:  Upgrade to deshedding bath – $15


Body shave, head style & tail trim – all part of our standard cut & scissoring package. Work with our stylists to achieve a standard cut that works for you and your pet.
Starting at $40
Suggested Pairing:  Facial – $10


Purebred enthusiasts unite! Our highly trained groomers are well versed in standard breed cuts with their many variations. Ask our groomers for breed stanard cuts appropriate for your pet.
Starting at $40
Suggested Pairing:  Spa Package – $15


Fur & Coat Treatments


Every pet deserves to be pampered. Teeth, nails, ears & anal glands are all included with our bath treatment. Extended hands-on time lathering, massaging, rinsing with hand drying. Ensure your pet is returned soft, silky, shiny & invigorated.
Starting at $20


Specialized furminator deshedding shampoo treatment will help promote healthy skin & coat. This will decrease excessive future shedding. Appointments are recommended.
Starting at $35


Treat your dog to an invigorating facial! Our facial treatment begins with a soothing and relaxing muzzle, scalp & ear massage. Gentle cleansers wash away tear and beard stains; leaving your dog with a bright and clean complexion.
Starting at $10


Spa Packages

Puppy Spa

Pamper your puppy with our puppy spa package! Your puppy will be bathed with our luxurious puppy spa shampoo & conditioner in a perfectly sized tub for your puppy; creating a more relaxed environment helping your puppy learn that baths are fun.
Priced at $15

Adult Dog Spa

Spa quality shampoo & conditioner are used to gently massage and bathe your pet. Though every good thing must come to an end, your pampered pet is returned to you with trimmed nails, polished teeth, minty fresh breath, squeaky clean ears & spritzed with a rejuvenating fresh scent.
Priced at $25



Start your young one early! Early exposure to bathing, toe nail trims, ear cleaning and teeth brushing promotes a well adjusted adult pet eager to return for another spa day.
Bath – $15
Bath & Trim – $15